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Understanding Bourdonnement: The Squeaking Phenomenon Post Breast Augmentation

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3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Bourdonnement, a squeaking sound coming from new breast implants, is a common and temporary phenomenon that occurs when an implant rubs over moist tissue.
  2. Other sensations, such as feeling some sloshing around the breasts or hearing weird noises, may also occur temporarily after breast augmentation surgery.
  3. At Politis Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL, Dr. Effie Politis and her team are always ready to answer questions and alleviate concerns about postoperative adjustments.

Understanding Bourdonnement

Imagine stepping out of a plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL, filled with newfound confidence and a silhouette you’ve always desired. However, there’s a slight twist. You’ve recently undergone breast augmentation surgery, and you start hearing a squeaky sound coming out of your new implants. There’s no need to worry, and there’s definitely no squeaky toy left in there. This article will explain a common postoperative phenomenon called Bourdonnement.

Why Does Bourdonnement Occur?

Bourdonnement is a French term that means a high-pitched squeak, squeal, or buzz. It’s not exactly what you’d expect after a breast augmentation surgery, but it’s not uncommon either. This can often be a source of anxiety for many women, but here at Politis Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL, we believe in informing our patients about every aspect of their journey, from preoperative consultations to postoperative adjustments.

The Cause of The Squeaking Sound

So, why does Bourdonnement occur? As explained by Dr. Effie Politis, the head of Politis Plastic Surgery and an esteemed plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL, this sound is usually caused when an implant rubs over moist tissue. It’s your body adjusting to the new implants and, as such, it’s perfectly normal. It is a temporary phase that should resolve within a few days to a week or two after the surgery. It doesn’t usually persist long-term.

Other Post-Operative Sensations

However, the squeaking sound isn’t the only unexpected thing you may encounter after the surgery. Some patients also report feeling some sloshing around their breasts and hearing weird noises. Just like Bourdonnement, this is a common and temporary phenomenon. Your body is adapting to the implants, and these sensations will gradually dissipate.

Reach Out, We're Here To Help

If these occurrences cause any worry, remember, Dr. Politis and her team are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions or raise any concerns. Your comfort, satisfaction, and understanding of the process are our priorities. You can find more information on our page or website.

Dr. Effie Politis: A Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

Dr. Effie Politis, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL, has a reputation for excellence and dedication to her patients. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the art and science of plastic surgery, she’s committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals while ensuring you’re informed and comfortable every step of the way. Her approach is patient-centered, focusing on individual needs and desires to create the most natural and satisfying results.

In light of a humorous Instagram post by @mattrife, which brought attention to the phenomenon of Bourdonnement, we hope this article has shed light on why your new implants might be ‘talking.’ It’s your body’s unique way of saying, “We’re adjusting, and everything is going to be just fine.”


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