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Dr Politis is the doctor you want to see

Dr Politis is the doctor you want to see when you want to look like you saw no doctor at all. She is extremely knowledgeable, always up to date on the latest techniques and products. She makes tiny subtle changes making you leave her office like the most refreshed/better version of yourself. On top of it all she is extremely caring and warm and goes out of her way to answer questions and suggestions that go beyond your office visit. Tampa Bay is so lucky to have her!!! – Francesca Allman Forsyth | June 2020

A Wonderful and Knowledgeable Doctor

I would say the best treatment I had received from a wonderful and knowledgeable doctor. She and her staff made me at ease when discussing and moving forward with my mommy makeover. From first initial appointment to my last post op appointment staff was hands on and answered Any and all questions I had. My results are really awesome. I will definitely go back if I need anything else done. – Sandra Crystosek | June 2020

Very informative and pleasant to work with

The staff was very informative and pleasant to work with. Dr. Politis was very personable and quite knowledgeable. She was very patient, as I came with a lot of questions. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family! – Carolyn Malone | July 2020

Many thanks to Dr Politis and her staff

Dr Politis is a great doctor. I went to her for treatment of my TMJ. The whole experience was comfortable and I had no down time after my injections. She took the time to thoroughly discuss my treatment plan with me and talked me through the entire process. Many thanks to Dr Politis and her staff! – Cole Hill | June 2020

Intelligent and Skilled Surgeon

Dr. Politis is a brilliant and caring surgeon. I had the opportunity to work along side her for three years and learn from the very best. She always stays current with the newest and latest techniques to assure the very best cosmetic outcome for her patients and she is an artist at work in the operating room! She takes time with each patient to understand exactly what they want and then shares her expectations with them to collaborate a realistic plan. She is a highly intelligent and skilled surgeon! – Lorilee Santiago | December 2019

I will be forever grateful

Dr. Politis and her team made me feel like family! I couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled physician. I will forever be grateful for all that she has done for me. – Victoria Albino | December 2019

Experience was fantastic

Dr Politis is one of the most compassionate and highly skilled physicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She treated my son who is extremely afraid of needles and went out of her way to use topical cream first to numb the area before using a needle to inject lidocaine. His experience was fantastic and you can’t even see the scar where she worked. – Jaime Hill | December 2019

Compassionate and Caring Physician

Dr Politis is one of the most compassionate physicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She treated my son who is extremely affraid of needles and went out of her way to use topical cream first to numb the area before using a needle to inject lidocaine. His experience was fantastic and you can’t even see the scar where she worked. – Self-verified Patient | November 14, 2019

Felt 100% at ease

I had the best experience with the entire team. From first appointment all the way through post surgery the team was so helpful and accommodating. I felt 100% at ease and can not recommend enough. Having such a knowledgeable female doctor who understands a female body is the best any woman could ask for when dealing with reconstructive surgery. – Marcelite Miller | November 2019

I have referred my family and friends

I am thrilled with my experience and the results of my surgery with Effie Politis. From the initial consultation, Dr. Politis’ expertise, experience and confidence put me at ease about having plastic surgery (a breast augmentation). Although I expected post-operative pain, to my surprise, I had no pain and only minimal discomfort (I only used Tylenol on occasion during recovery). I felt so good soon after surgery that I was able to resume my busy lifestyle quickly. The results of my surgery are natural looking and perfect for my build, which is exactly what I wanted. I have referred my family and friends and highly recommend Effie Politis for plastic surgery. I trust and will use Effie Politis myself again in the future. – Jessica Mahoney | November 2019

Professional and Excellent Results

I have had Botox injections in my face and neck and fillers injected in my cheeks with excellent results. I am very happy with how the fillers gave me the volume in my cheeks. I am nearing 40 and have lost significant volume in my face. The fillers in my cheeks have really made a difference. I am very happy with Dr. Politis’ bedside manner and explanation of her procedures. She never oversells… – ChristinaPM | July 2019

Fantastic Surgeon

Dr. Politis is a fantastic surgeon with a kind and gentle bedside manner. Her outcomes are excellent. – Self-verified Patient | January 24th, 2019

Exceptional plastic surgeon

Highly recommend.

I had pendulous breast reduction surgery by Dr. Politis. I felt anything would be an improvement to the pain in my shoulders and upper back with carrying 48 G bra size.

Post surgery, with stitches the appearance was vastly improved. My forward slouch was almost immediately altered to a more upright position.

Recovery, I followed all protocols as directed by her. My scars healed to a faint appearance.
Most surprising was the return of sensation to both breasts as I was told by a friend you lose sensation. Thus was not my case.

I feel NORMAL, and eager to proceed with additional revisions.

Friendly staff. Did not feel embarrassed.

She explained my procedure clearly and answered all questions. – Patty Reeves | June 2020

Followed protocols to a T

Warm, caring, listened to my concerns. Well informed, knowledgeable responses. I am post op 18 months and my surgery results are a miracle. I am 56. Had very large breasts, post weight loss produced creped skin and pendulum type breasts. I woke up from surgery, with the stitches, with freshly operated on breasts and they still looked better. Followed protocols to a T. Cream, ice packs, and to my amazement the feeling returned to my breasts as if she erased 25 years. A 10. – FlPatty in Hudson, Fl | Nov 01, 2016