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What is the fastest way to recover from breast augmentation?

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Breast augmentation can produce delightful, life-changing results. After a successful procedure, many feel more confident, more comfortable, and more self-assured with your body than you’ve felt in years. 

But when thinking about the procedure, you’ll also be considering how soon you’ll recover and how quickly you’ll be able to resume work and get on with your usual routine. That is why at Politis Plastic Surgery, we offer the rapid 24-hour recovery breast augmentation. 

The 24-hour fast-track recovery breast augmentation is a tailored technique that incorporates various operative and post-operative measures to reduce downtime and shorten the total recovery time.

If you’re interested in the rapid recovery breast augmentation surgery, please call our office at Politis Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation. If after the consultation session you’re deemed an appropriate candidate for the procedure, we will schedule your surgery and provide instructions on how to prepare for it.

So what is the fastest way to recover from breast augmentation?

A quick recovery after the procedure relies on the recovery protocols crafted before the procedure and implemented soon after the surgery.

24 Hour Rapid Recovery
Traditional Surgery
Surgical Instruments
Electrocautery forceps
An “L shaped” breast blunt dissector
Surgical Technique
  • Atraumatic dissection
  • 14 point plan to minimize bacterial load
  • Precise and gentle systematic dissection with instruments using prospective hemostasis
  • no drainage tubes
  • no bulky dressing post-operatively (no bands, no massaging breasts)
  • Blunt dissection without clear visualization of pocket which may lead to injury to the muscle and ribs
  • Blood vessels not sealed before they bleed
  • Patient may have drainage tubes
  • Large, bulky compression dressings usually used
Post-operative Routine
Arm exercises performed frequently after surgery, including ambulation and showering that night
Arm movement limited for two weeks
Under the Breast (IMF)
Usually under the breast but can be axillary or peri-areolar
Possible risks
Same as traditional but significantly reduces due to precise operative dissection and prospective hemostasis
Capsular contracture, bleeding. Implant malposition, implant pocket asymmetry
General with ERAS recovery pathways initiated preoperatively
General with local blocks
24 hours
2 weeks
Slightly less given less operative time spent intraoperative on implant selection and stepwise dissection process
Same ($8000-$8500)
Implant Selection
Narrow implant range chosen preoperatively using tissue based planning
Narrow implant range chosen preoperatively using tissue based planning
Implant Position
Subsfacial or Dual Plane
Either Subpectoral, Dual Plane, or Subglandular
Revision rate
Capsular Contracture
minimized <5%

Benefits of the rapid recovery breast augmentation

  1. Less need for narcotic pain medications
  2. Less downtime, being out and about in 24 to 36 hours
  3. Reduced risk of complications
  4. Being able to enjoy your augmented breasts more comfortably

Safe, effective quick-recovery breast augmentation

Would you like to undergo rapid recovery breast augmentation? For more information on breast augmentation and other plastic surgery procedures, visit the site “Politis Plastic Surgery.”

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