This patient is 5’7″ and 166lbs. She is a massive weight loss patient and had a mastopexy when she was younger. After having 5 children, she wanted to correct the deflation in her breast and restore upper pole fullness. She underwent bilateral breast augmentation with Sientra smooth round HSC+ silicone implants, 355cc, moderate profile. This was a quick turn-over, 24-hour recovery breast augmentation procedure. A massive weight loss patient who had a mastopexy or breast lift in the past likely has week tissues and ligaments that require internal support or scaffold for stable and optimal long-term results. I had Galaflex placed to support her lower breast pole, so the implants do not bottom out. Each patient is evaluated whether there is a need for the Galaflex “internal bra”. Post-op photo is 5 days after. [Tap to view in full on IGTV!] Are you a candidate for this procedure? Your best bet is to come in for a consultation to determine whether you are an ideal candidate, but typically, the ideal candidate is relatively healthy and maintains a healthy weight. If you are a candidate for traditional breast augmentation, you are likely a candidate for this procedure too. For more info on our 24-hour breast augmentation procedure, check the link in our bio.

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