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Jamie Hill, RN: Breast Cancer & Plastic Surgery

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Jamie Hill’s duality of being both a patient and a care-provider gives her a unique perspective and empathetic understanding.
  2. Hill celebrates her sister’s spirit, showing resilience and courage in the face of breast cancer.
  3. Politis Plastic Surgery is led by a renowned and highly-experienced plastic surgeon, and is dedicated to delivering individualized, empathetic, and professional treatment to each patient.

You may pass a thousand faces on the street, each one holding a tale of resilience, strength, and humanity. Jamie Hill, the Practice Coordinator/Manager at Politis Plastic Surgery, is one such soul. Not only does she extend professional assistance to those battling breast cancer and those seeking plastic surgery, but she also bears the silent strength of a woman intimately acquainted with the threat of the disease. Her story, wrapped in the complex intertwinement of personal and professional experiences, is not meant to invoke pity, rather, to exhibit emotional intelligence and empathetic understanding she brings to her job as a plastic surgeon in Tampa.

Experience Speaks Volumes

Hill’s career in nursing, specializing in women’s health, has seen her don the cloak of the patient and the care-provider. This duality provides her with a unique perspective. “I’ve been through it, obviously from the physician, doctor, nurse side of it,” she says, revealing a truth only those who have walked a similar path may truly appreciate. Her nuanced understanding of the patient mindset resonates strongly when she says, “waiting for the doctor to come out of surgery and say everything’s okay, and waiting for the CT results to come back in six months and know they’re still clean and that kind of stuff, so it helps us relate.”

Personal Rising

In Hill’s narrative, not only does her professional journey mirrors her personal battle, but it also arms her with the empathy to guide her patients comprehensively. Her story sheds light on the very essence of ‘care’ in healthcare, stating, “it doesn’t help when it’s your family, you know, it hits you a little bit harder.” This sentence carries a weight many of us can relate to, it speaks volumes of the anxiety, hope, and courage she had to muster during her sister’s battle with breast cancer. Yet, she celebrates her sister’s spirit, saying, “she was a fighter and a champ, and she doesn’t let it define her, and she’s no evidence of disease. We’re through it.”

An Unexpectedly Fitting Path

Jamie Hill RN Breast Cancer Plastic Surgery

In her pursuit of a challenging career, Hill found herself in the realm of plastic surgery and seeing as she had previously undergone cosmetic surgery herself, the progression seemed natural. She remarks, “I’ve always enjoyed women’s health. That’s been my area of expertise in nursing, and I don’t see me ever really leaving women’s health. So it seemed like a natural progression to be able to come in to do something different.”

Her desire to understand and her drive to enhance her knowledge is as palpable as her passion, “I took a lot of time in reading and getting up on what am I, you know, what are the different types of breast cancer?”

Joining Forces with Politis Plastic Surgery

Based out of Tampa, FL, Politis Plastic Surgery is led by Dr. Effie Politis, a renowned and highly-experienced plastic surgeon. Under this leadership and with dedicated advocates such as Jamie, the clinic excels in delivering individualized, empathetic, and professional treatment to each patient. The common goal is to provide premium healthcare and to enable patients to reclaim their lives with confidence and grace. Nurse Hill’s personal experiences make her the perfect ally for any woman setting foot on a similar path, whether it’s dealing with the anxiety of breast cancer or contemplating cosmetic surgery. Together they stand strong, providing hope and a sense of safety to those in need.


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