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Another ‘Breast in a Day‘ case, but executed differently since she has much larger ptotic breasts (sagging breasts). ⁣

She basically had a mastectomy performed through a Wise pattern skin mastopexy and I kept the nipples on an inferiorly based adipodermal flap. ⁣

I reduced her mastectomy envelope, reduced and repositioned her nipple areolar complexed, and placed a cohesive Natrelle Inspira SCF 520cc implant in the prepectoral position with anterior Galaflex sheet. ⁣

“Wise pattern or inverted-T mastopexy has traditionally been used in patients with severe excess of skin relative to breast parenchyma (tissues of the breast essential for functioning) in a patient with severe ptosis. Incisions are made around the areola with extensions for the vertical limbs as in a vertical mastopexy.” (Qureshi, Myckatyn, & Tenenbaum, 2018)⁣

“The Wise-pattern incision addresses any redundant mastectomy skin envelope and avoids excessive and unsightly scarring on the “social” aspect of the breast mound.” (Newman, 2016)⁣

“The pattern allows removal of skin in both vertical and horizontal dimensions allowing for lifting and coning of the breast into a less ptotic shape.” (Todd, 2016)⁣

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