Hi everyone it’s Dr. Effie Politis and I’d like to talk about a great article on the April edition of the PRS called

“Contemporary Strategies in Breast Explantation Surgery”. So what is explantation surgery? It is a surgery in which someone proceeds with removing their implants and not replacing them. I’m seeing quite a few patients that are interested in the surgery for various reasons. We all know that implants are man-made devices.

The first reason that women would opt to undergo the surgery is because of implant rupture.

I tell women that breast implants are not a one and done device. They are prosthetics that are placed in your body, so you need surveillance and you likely will need one or several surgeries in the future if you opt for breast implants. There is a small chance of them rupturing, we can discuss more on the differences between saline and silicone ruptures in the future. 

Is breast implant associated with ALCL

This is a rare lymphoma associated with texture implants, which I do not use, so it’s not really an issue with my practice but I do see patients with prior history of textured implants. 

Is breast implant illness?

This is a large topic that’s often discussed on social media. It’s the name given to patients for a wide range of symptoms. The current data shows there’s no cause and effect relationship between implants and the symptoms. However we certainly are proponents of what women want to do with their body, so if they want their implant removed they certainly have the right to have that done. However, the data based on long term studies does not show whether explantation surgery reliably reduces these symptoms. 

The last reason why women want their implants removed is for non-medical reasons, like the effects of aging, weight changes, pregnancy and shifting perspectives in aesthetic beauty. 

As we know there is a movement towards a smaller breast. So women seeking explantation surgery just need to be aware of the risk and benefits and any adjunct surgeries that can be done to enhance their breast. We look at each woman on an individual basis. It’s a woman’s choice to have her implants removed and we consider the patient’s risk profile, patient preference as well as safety when guiding them on whether explantation surgery is the right surgery for them. I would advise you all to always consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon with a specialty in breast surgery when considering these types of procedures. You can always DM me or look at my website, I’ll have more information. Thank you so much 

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