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Hi my name is Dr. Effie Politis with Politis Plastic Surgery

Fat Transfer is a great technique or adjunct to many of my surgeries. It can be used on the face, breast, buttocks or any other part of the body with any contour deformities. So basically we take fat from an area that has more fat, so typically the abdomen, the flanks and we transfer to an area that’s deficient of fat. The way we do that is by harvesting the fat with small cannulas liposuction, liposuction cannulas under a certain amount of pressure, then we process and filter the fat and wash it so we clean it up from all of the oil and ingredients that we don’t want. And then it is placed through a closed system into cannulas and we can inject that again for panfacial rejuvenation or breast enhancement if they’re looking for smaller volumes. Of course you’ve heard of the buttock augmentation with fat and that’s another procedure that we can do with this excess fat.

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Effie Politis, MD

Effie Politis, MD, FACS of Politis Plastic Surgery brings both skill and a personalized approach to the care of her plastic surgery patients. She is board certified by
the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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