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Understanding Body Dysmorphia: A Message from a Leading Plastic Surgeon in Tampa, FL

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Key Takeaways:

  • Body dysmorphia is a psychological disorder that affects 1 in 50 individuals, often driving them to consider unnecessary plastic surgery.
  • Addressing the underlying psychological disorder is key to treating body dysmorphia, rather than solely focusing on physical appearance.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapies and group therapy are effective treatments for body dysmorphia. Seek help from a mental health professional if you or someone you know is struggling with this condition.

If you’ve ever felt preoccupied by your physical appearance or imagined defects, you might have experienced what is known as body dysmorphia. This psychological disorder, recently highlighted by celebrities like Megan Fox, affects one in fifty individuals according to the Anxiety and Depression Society of America. As a leading plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL, Dr. Effie Politis of Politis Plastic Surgery is acutely aware of how body dysmorphia can manifest and its potential impact on decisions to undergo cosmetic procedures.

Body dysmorphia often begins in adolescence and affects both males and females equally. The intense focus on perceived flaws can sometimes drive individuals towards plastic surgery, seen as a potential solution to their concerns. However, as Dr. Politis wants to emphasize, unnecessary procedures are not the answer to body dysmorphia. The focus should instead be on addressing the underlying psychological disorder.

Indeed, the journey towards self-acceptance and a healthier self-image often involves much more than an aesthetic change. It includes acknowledging the presence of a disorder, seeking help, and taking a holistic approach to treatment. Dr. Politis is passionate about providing care for her patients that goes beyond the operating table. Her mission is to ensure that each individual’s physical and mental well-being is considered before any decision about a procedure is made.

The good news? There are excellent behavioral therapies available to treat body dysmorphia. Cognitive behavioral therapies that address negative thoughts and seek to improve self-esteem can make a substantial impact. Group therapy can also be beneficial, as it offers a supportive environment to discuss feelings and experiences.

While Dr. Politis and her team are fully equipped to enhance your appearance if you choose, they also want to remind you that you’re more than just your reflection in the mirror. If you or someone you know is struggling with body dysmorphia, please seek help from a mental health professional specialized in this area. Remember, beauty starts from within and feeling comfortable in your own skin is the first step towards true confidence.


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