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Have you lost youthful volume in some areas of your body or face? Do you feel unhappy about your appearance? Would you like to restore a smooth and natural appearance through a potent anti-aging injectable that stimulates your own body to improve over time?
Renuva adipose matrix might be perfect for you.
At Politis Plastic Surgery, we offer Renuva anti-aging treatment in Tampa, Florida, as an option for age-related fat loss. The injection ensures gradual replacement of lost fat. It adds volume, fills up wrinkles, and reverses signs of aging.
What is Renuva?
Renuva is a tissue complex made of the same protein components, growth factors, and collagen subtypes that are found in the body’s adipose tissue. It is designed to provide a supporting framework that promotes the repopulation of fat cells wherever it is injected.
Upon injection, Renuva stimulates the body’s stem cells to divide and grow, bring in more blood around the treated area and generate new fat cells. With the steady production of fat cells, lost fat is replaced and unwanted volume deficiency is corrected. The Renuva adipose matrix will then eventually be replaced with the body’s fat cells.
What are the benefits of Renuva treatment?
  1. Quick, safe and effective non-surgical procedure
  2. Restores lost facial and body volume and clears out depressions
  3. Covers up and camouflages textural irregularities
  4. Restores youthful fullness to the cheeks
  5. No downtime—you resume routine activities on the same day
  6. Reduces acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles
  7. Provides long-lasting results that last upwards of 10 years after treatment
  8. Induces natural fat formation using your own body’s natural processes
  9. With Renuva, there is usually no need for liposuction.
  10. Renuva components are eventually replaced by natural fat cells.
Are you a candidate for Renuva treatment?
You are a good candidate for Renuva if you are a healthy individual who desires a more youthful skin appearance.
It can help you fix:
  1. Aging skin
  2. Minor skin defects
  3. Skin lacking in volume
  4. Scarring from previous procedures
  5. Fine lines and wrinkles
  6. Dimples caused by uneven cellulite
Where is Renuva injected?
Renuva is excellent for areas on your face that naturally have fat cells. It can give a lift to your temples, chin, cheeks, jawline, jowls, and nasolabial folds (smile lines). Once injected, it helps to replace the fat loss in these areas and restores their volume and youthful appearance.
The injection can also be used in other areas of your body—such as the abdomen, buttocks, breast, hips, and thighs—to correct irregular depressions. For example, if you develop depressed scars after a liposuction procedure, Renuva can help correct these irregular contours by plumping out the soft tissue to give you a smoother overall contour.
Renuva can also repair areas with small indentations or irregularities after surgery. It improves appearance post-surgery by building fat volume and collagen. It erases cellulite dimples, clears liposuction irregularities, and enhances augmentation results.
How is Renuva injection done?
Renuva is a simple, quick, and safe outpatient procedure done in less than half an hour depending on the location and size of the treatment areas.
At b, your treatment begins with an initial consultation. Dr. Effie Politis will assess your skin concerns and discuss your cosmetic goals to design the perfect treatment plan that meets your aesthetic goals and concerns.
After consultation, the doctor will mark out the treatment areas to prepare you for the procedure. The treatment areas are strategically chosen to target areas that have an age-related loss of volume.
The surgeon will apply a general or topical anesthetic during the procedure to numb the injection site and prevent you from feeling pain during treatment. The procedure uses thin needles to insert the Renuva allograft tissue under your skin. But the number of injections depends on the body’s needs and the desired results.
Once the injections are complete, Dr. Politis will clean and sanitize the treated areas to minimize the risk of infection. You will spend a few minutes in the recovery area before you are discharged. There is no downtime, and you can return to your regular activities on the same day.
Quick, amazing results
Renuva injection mimics fat injections without the invasive procedure. You will enjoy an enhanced appearance without post-injection swelling, pain, or other risks that come with liposuction.
“One of the best features of Renuva is immediate results,” says Dr. Politis.
“Since the fat is injected directly into your body, your skin will look fuller and feel firmer right away,” she adds.
The treatment helps add volume to your skin for concerns such as cellulite, areas of depression, volume corrections, contour irregularities, liposuction irregularities, and other minor aesthetic imperfections. In turn, your skin texture and appearance continue to improve over the next few months, with full results realized in 3-6 months. The new fat cells can thrive longer, giving results that last at least ten years.
At Politis Plastic Surgery, we provide safe and effective Renuva injections in Tampa, Florida, to help you be at your best and feel more confident in your body. We ensure that your treatment is uniquely personalized to meet your goals by including you in all decisions concerning your treatment. You will know what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.
You will love the compassion and professionalism of Dr. Effie Politis and her entire staff. To learn more about Renuva adipose matrix treatments, schedule a consultation today.

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