The Renuva mimics the work of fat injections without needed the invasive procedure. When Renuva is injected into the treatment site it utilizes your own body to generate fat in that area.


Renuva is an injectable treatment similar to other fillers. It helps to smooth out and volumize the skin in areas where you are dealing with imperfections. One of the main reason’s patients love this procedure is that they can a smooth, slim profile without the use of liposuction. This allows for the fat to grow into that space so that your skin is more volumized and smooth. Due to the minimally invasive nature of this treatment, it allows for less downtime as well as fewer risks. In most cases, people can return to work the same day.

Where can Renuva be used?

Renuva is injected where fat naturally exists, to replace volume where fat loss occurs. It is commonly used to restore volume in the face and hands, as well as areas of the body.

The treatment is also helpful for erasing cellulite dimples, smoothing liposuction irregularities, and flattening depressed scars.

How does Renuva work?

Renuva contains the same collagens, growth factors and proteins as your own fat. When injected, Renuva is gradually replaced with your own fat cells over the next few months.

Post injection, new blood vessels and fat cell formation results in volume restoration – which helps you look natural, youthful and healthy.

Renuva Treatment


Renuva injections offer the following benefits to patients: