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We absolutely treat our patients like we would expect to be treated if we were patients, or our family members were our patients. And that’s always been how I handled nursing like, you know, I wanna treat you like I would treat my sister or my mother if they were the one I was taking care of. So we do that, we are a smaller boutique practice, so we are available to our patients, they can call our cellphones, they can text us if it’s the weekend. They’re not going to ever feel like they’re on an island so most of the time, you know e communicate very well with them via the modality that works best for them, depending on their age, I mean, I hate to say it that way but generationally some people want to text, some people want to talk to you in person, some people are happy to email. So we, you know, make ourselves available in all of those formats for people so that they can, you know, never feel like they’re without resources.

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Effie Politis, MD

Effie Politis, MD, FACS of Politis Plastic Surgery brings both skill and a personalized approach to the care of her plastic surgery patients. She is board certified by
the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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    There is a $100 consultation fee that the office of Dr. Effie Politis will collect at the time of scheduling in order to secure a date & time for the appointment. If you choose to move forward with booking surgery after you have your consultation with Dr. Effie, that $100 will be applied towards the cost of your surgery.