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Dr. Effie Politis - Facial RejuvenationBothered by creases between your eyes? Or by the “angry” look your face has turned into? You can smooth out the troublesome area between your eyes and eliminate wrinkles on your forehead and around your eyes through facial rejuvenation using the neurotoxin called Botox. The use of Botox has revolutionized facial rejuvenation as injections can be safely and rapidly delivered to wipe out wrinkles without surgery.

What is Botox?

Botox is a special, non-harmful neurotoxin (neuro-modulator) used to temporarily paralyze the small facial muscles that contribute to wrinkle formation. The primary ingredient is the extract of botulinum protein derived from the bacterium, Clostridium botulinum.

Botox is just one of the brands of neurotoxins used in facial rejuvenation—the other brands approved by the FDA are Dysport and Xeomin. All the brands work in the same way by targeting specific muscles to make them more rejuvenated.

Interestingly, Botox can be used for both upper and lower face rejuvenation. For the upper face, Botox is approved for injection into the Glabella (frown) lines and the lateral orbital lines (Crow’s feet). The Glabella lines are found between the eyebrows, and tend to give a tired angry appearance. In the lower face, Botox helps address corners of the mouth and flattened upper lips.

Botox has been a success in another area as well: patients with gummy smile. The neurotoxin is injected deeper into the muscles under the nose, leading to relaxation of these muscles and elimination of the smile. While this treatment is a little more invasive, it offers good outcomes.

Who needs Botox therapy?

You may see a doctor for Botox injection when:

  1. In the lower part of your face, the corners of your mouth are riddled with peri-oral wrinkles that appear in a sunbeam pattern of lines.
  2. In the area between your eyebrows, you have frown lines that appear as two or three vertical wrinkles, making your face to look serious and severe.
  3. You have Crow’s feet, which are fine lines that emerge from the corner of the eye to the temple.

The ideal candidates for Botox are people of all ages, who are generally healthy, and very transparent with their providers to avoid any possible complications.

When talking to your plastic surgeon, be open and honest about:

  • Any chronic medical conditions you may have.
  • Any medications you are currently taking.
  • Any supplements you are taking, including herbal and over-the-counter ones.
  • Any allergies you may have.
  • Any history of frequent cold sores, edema or conditions that may affect the treatment.

How is Botox therapy done?

What patients seem to like about Botox is that there is no downtime. It is done in the doctor’s office and takes 5-15 minutes. Using a micro-needle, a small amount of the neurotoxin is injected into the specific facial muscles responsible for the creation of facial lines and wrinkles. The pain associated with the injection is minimal and short-lasting.

The most commonly targeted areas are the forehead and outer eye area, with 1-3 injections delivered to every muscle. Once in the muscle, the neuro-modulator causes relaxation and allows the skin to remodel and the lines to fade over time. With proper injection of adequate quantities of the neurotoxin, anatomic structures such as eyebrows get delicately shaped to achieve improved appearance.

Although Botox is a minimally invasive procedure, it should still be done by a skilled, experienced board-certified surgeon such as Dr. Effie Politis. Working with a plastic surgeon who frequently administers neuro-modulators will help you achieve your treatment goals and expectations.

At Politis Plastic Surgery, each and every patient is treated by Dr, Politis because her knowledge of facial anatomy and broad experience give her the ability to customize treatment that suits the needs of a patient. Doing so also enables her to provide patients with the safety and precision necessary for remarkable results. Rest assured that Botox and the other neuro-modulators on the market are all FDA approved, safe and have been used for years for other medical conditions.

Delightful results

Following Botox injection, you will notice the fine lines and superficial wrinkles disappear or decrease altogether within a couple of days. Results are apparent in 1-2 weeks and last 3-4 months after a single treatment. The neurotoxin also reduces signs of aging and premature wrinkles. 

When the effects start to wear off, you can return for a re-injection. You can have your re-injections done every 6 months, but 4 months is better.

In summary, for a successful Botox therapy:

  • Have it done by a licensed, board-certified physician.
  • Be medically transparent with your provider.
  • Prepare by avoiding blood thinners and blood thinning medications.
  • Have realistic expectations that are in line with your provider’s assessment.

If you have additional questions and concerns about Botox, schedule a consultation with Dr. Effie Politis at (813) 542-2587. For more information about facial rejuvenation procedures, visit the Politis Plastic Surgery website.

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