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Achieving the Perfect Balance: Subtle Breast Implant Exchange and Mastopexy

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Key Takeaways:

  • A subtle downsize and lift can create a natural, balanced appearance for breast augmentation patients.
  • Dr. Effie Politis is a skilled plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL, who can expertly customize breast augmentation procedures to suit each patient’s unique needs.
  • Trusting a qualified professional like Dr. Politis for your breast augmentation journey ensures you’ll receive exceptional care and beautiful, natural-looking results.

When it comes to breast augmentation, a skilled plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL, like Dr. Effie Politis, understands that the perfect balance can make all the difference. Sometimes, a subtle downsize and lift can provide patients with the ideal results they’ve been looking for. In this article, we’ll discuss a recent case at Politis Plastic Surgery where a patient underwent a breast implant exchange and mastopexy for a beautiful, natural-looking outcome.

The patient, a 48-year-old woman who stands at 5’1″ and weighs 120 lbs, approached Dr. Effie Politis for a breast implant exchange and mastopexy procedure. She had previously received Natrelle smooth round silicone implants, with 400cc on the right side and 425cc on the left side. Dr. Politis’ plan for this patient was to downsize the implants and provide a subtle lift to achieve a more proportionate and natural appearance.

During the procedure, Dr. Politis replaced the patient’s old implants with new Natrelle smooth round cohesive silicone implants, opting for a smaller size of 255cc. The combination of the implant exchange and mastopexy (breast lift) resulted in a remarkable transformation, giving the patient a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

This case demonstrates the importance of selecting a qualified plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL, like Dr. Effie Politis, who can expertly tailor procedures to suit each patient’s unique needs and desires. Dr. Politis is dedicated to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals, whether they’re looking for a subtle downsize and lift, a more dramatic change, or anything in between.

With Politis Plastic Surgery, you can trust that your breast augmentation journey will be in the capable hands of a skilled and experienced professional who understands that even the smallest adjustments can make a world of difference.

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