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Where Should Breast Implants Be Placed: Above or Below the Muscle?

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3 Key Takeaways:

  • There are two distinct placement options when it comes to breast implants: above or below the muscle.
  • Factors such as body type, amount of natural breast tissue, desired aesthetic outcome, and lifestyle and physical activities can all be determinant when choosing between the two placements.
  • When deciding on breast implants, it is essential to work with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Effie Politis who can provide personal, tailored care and natural-looking results.

Breast Implant Placement: Below or Above the MuscleWhen you contemplate enhancing your body with breast implants, you’re not merely choosing between sizes, but also between two distinct placement options: above or below the muscle. Understanding the difference between these two placements, along with their advantages and drawbacks, can make all the difference in your experience and satisfaction level.

Above the Muscle Placement

Firstly, let’s delve into the ‘above the muscle’ placement, known in professional terms as subglandular placement. This placement involves positioning the breast implants between the breast tissue and the chest muscle. This approach has several enticing benefits. Foremost, you’ll experience a quicker recovery time, as the plastic surgeon is working with fewer tissues. Additionally, you’ll deal with less discomfort post-surgery and face a reduced risk of animation deformities – unusual distortions that may occur when you contract your chest muscles.

However, this option isn’t without its detractors. The potential disadvantages might include an increased chance of visible rippling or implant edges, especially in women with thinner skin or less natural breast tissue. This placement might also interfere with mammograms, making early detection of any abnormalities a tad trickier.

Below the Muscle Placement

Alternatively, you might opt for ‘below the muscle’ placement, or submuscular placement. As you might infer, this involves positioning the breast implants beneath the pectoral muscle. This placement is known for delivering more natural-looking results, as the muscle adds another layer of padding over the implants. The risk of rippling or visible implant edges is reduced, and it is easier to detect breast abnormalities during mammograms.

Yet, every rose has its thorn, and it’s no different with this placement. It typically comes with a longer recovery period and higher post-surgery discomfort, due to the invasive nature of the procedure. There’s also an increased chance of animation deformities, though these are not as common as with above the muscle placement.

Factors to Consider

When choosing between these two placements, several factors are worth considering. Your body type, the amount of natural breast tissue you have, your desired aesthetic outcome, and even your lifestyle and physical activities can all be determining factors. By consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon, you can make an educated decision that suits your unique needs.

As such, it’s crucial to work with an experienced plastic surgeon who understands your aspirations and helps guide you toward the best decision. If you’re based in Tampa, FL, you’re fortunate to have access to one of the leading professionals in this field – Dr. Effie Politis.

With Dr. Effie Politis and her dedicated team at Politis Plastic Surgery, you’re not merely getting a procedure; you’re receiving a personal, tailored experience. Dr. Politis is known for her ability to listen to her patient’s needs, guide them toward the right decision and provide a safe and comfortable surgical journey. Her exceptional skills and meticulous nature ensure beautifully natural results that align with your body and aspirations.

In conclusion, whichever placement you end up choosing – above or below the muscle – is irrelevant if not combined with an experienced, empathetic, and skilled plastic surgeon. Breast implants are more than a cosmetic decision; they can dramatically impact your self-esteem and quality of life. Thus, choosing a seasoned professional like Dr. Effie Politis is a critical first step in your breast implant journey.


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