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What To Do When Your Implants Are Too Large For Your Chest?

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If you’ve had breast implants, it’s normal to experience some form of complication, or maybe a change of mind. 

You may have felt that your decision on opting for larger implants has caused you more discomfort and inconvenience. Not to mention, all the other issues that may come up in the long run. 

What follows when your breast implants are too large?

Issues associated with implants that are too large include:

  1. Increased difficulty performing routine activities

The resulting larger breasts will not be ideal for an active lifestyle, like daily workouts, jogging, gym visits, running marathons, or enjoying sports.

  1. Difficulty finding clothing that fit well 

The larger breasts will widen your frame and make it difficult to find tops and bras that fit. You may also find it difficult to find bras and lingerie with supportive straps.

  1. Sagging, drooping and unappealing breasts

The weight due to the larger breasts will cause the skin on and around your breasts to stretch, resulting in a saggy, droopy breast appearance. The heavy breasts may also move apart from each other and appear asymmetrical.

  1. Chronic, unbearable pain

Larger breasts tend to trigger chronic neck, back, and shoulder pains. They may also cause frequent headaches. Plus, rashes may develop underneath your breasts and shoulders, which can appear red and irritated.

  1. Poor, uncomfortable posture

With larger breast implants, the quality of your posture may be affected. With the extra weight of larger breast implants, you may find yourself slouching more often. You may also experience difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position.

What can be done to fix large implants?

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with implants that are too big for your chest for the rest of your life. There are several options if you aren’t happy with your breast augmentation results. 

  1. Implant replacement

If you find your implants too big, you can undergo implant replacement surgery. You surgeon will conduct a procedure to remove them and replace them with a pair of implants that are appropriate or proportional in size.

Breast implant replacement may also be necessary due to hardened scar tissue (capsular contracture), rupture of implants, implant rippling, or change in position of the implant– all of which can happen when you have implants that are too large for your chest. 

Your surgeon will assess your breast size and help you consider whether replacement would help you achieve your goals.

  1. Implant removal

Your other option is to have the implants entirely removed and not replaced. During the removal procedure, your surgeon may also get rid of scar tissue or silicone from implant leaks.

  1. Breast lift

Your surgeon can also conduct a breast lift to change the shape of your natural breasts and to eliminate any sagging due to the implants. The procedure will help to rejuvenate your breasts, making it firmer and perkier. 

At Politis Plastic Surgery, we use the bio-resorbable GalaFLEX scaffold. It is a soft-tissue reinforcement that immediately helps tighten and lift the breast tissue. It is also known as an ‘internal bra.’

Safe, effective procedure

During your consultation, an important question that you need to ask your surgeon is whether or not they follow the 14-Point-Plan. ⁣

The 14-point plan includes a series of steps that meet the required standards of sterilization and infection control during surgery. When followed, the 14 steps reduce the number of bacteria attaching to the implant during the surgery and minimize the risk of breast implant complications. 

Dr. Effie Politis strictly follows the 14-step plan and achieves great results for our patients.

To avoid poor outcomes, we encourage you to discuss your goals and expectations in advance with your plastic surgeon. With proper consultation and preparation, you’ll be able to achieve a more favorable result.

Dr. Effie Politis is a board-certified plastic surgeon with expert skills and experience to help you select the right implants for you based on your height, chest width, and preferences. 

For more information on breast implant revision surgery, visit the site “Politis Plastic Surgery.”

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