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What is Morpheus8 by InMode

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Hey guys, it’s Dr. Effie Politis and I’m super excited to introduce a new platform into my practice. It’s an energy-based device, it’s clinically proven and validated to tighten skin, shrink wrap skin and reduce fat

What is it? It’s the Bodytite device by InMode. It includes radiofrequency, micro-needling Morpheus8 Face, Morpheus8 Body and then Bodytite & Facetite. As we all know, when we age there’s breakdown of collagen and elastin and this mainly occurs at the epidermal-dermal junction. We used to have the ablative CO2 laser to really counteract these changes with aging but there was significant amount of downtime associated with these, sometimes weeks and monthes. In Florida, this is really not acceptable since we’re exposed to the sun so much. So we tried to come up with other devices that mitigate this downtime but still provide this full-body fractional ablation.

So as we have evolved away from this CO2 fractional or ablative therapies, we have developed micro-needling. Traditional micro-needling involves small tips that basically penetrate the epidermal-dermal junction, so very superficial penetration. There’s no energy associated with them but they do help treat fine lines and help re-texture the skin.

Then there’s the traditional radiofrequency micro-needling or the Korean method that, again, penetrates the dermis of the skin. It provides energy but the energy arcs between the needle pins.

Then we have the Morpheus8 technology, which is really more of the premier technology. So each pin is insulated and seperatively grounded so each pin carries double the amount of energy as the traditional micro-needling. It also has a wider field that it treats and it goes deeper into the skin almost into the fat layer where it can also destroy some fats. This fractional ablation not only results in skin tightening, pore reduction, wrinkle reduction, fine lines, textures but again it also helps any discoloration, stretch marks, cellulite, acne and also hperhidrosis or increased swelling.

What’s exciting is the Morpheus8 itself has a resurfacing tip. It also has a 24-pin array and also a body device that can literally be applied to the arms, legs, back of the legs, “banana rolls”, loose skin of the abdomen, etc. All of these are 3D ablative radiofrequency technology that literally shrink-wrap your skin. When the Morpheus8 is paired with the Bodytite and Facetite technology, it can literally give you surgical results without any excisional procedures. If you’re looking for resurfacing of your epidermis, or if you have sun spots or just damaged skin there is as ablative epidermal tip called the Morpheus8 Resufacing Tip which can be applied over the traditional micro-needling to help resurface your skin. This will have a little bit more downtime which we can discuss in-clinic.

So the entire platform is more for surgeons because it will provide surgical-type results with this full body fractional aesthetics, which includes the Bodytite and the Facetite. When you pair both Face Morpheus8 with the Facetite, you can get full neck and face remodling and kind of shrink-wrapping that skin. With the Bodytite technology paired with the Morpheus8 Body, there is significant fat remodeling underneath as well as shrink-wrapping the skin over this. It can give you and the appropriate candidate almost scarless results. It also can be paired with some excisional surgeries to enhance results or give you more contour and definition.

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