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Top 3 Recovery Tips for Successful Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) results

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The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is one of the quickest, safest and most efficient ways of achieving a curvier and fuller butt. And because the procedure involves liposuction, where your body fat is extracted, purified and re-inserted into your buttocks, the procedure provides a dramatic full-body transformation that looks and feels natural.

With the more natural BBL, you’ll avoid the risk of out-of-proportion implants should your body change with time. And if you maintain a proper diet and regular exercise, the procedure gives you a more contoured, appealing and youthful appearance that can last a lifetime.

At Politis Plastic Surgery, the Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure. And we’re happy to meet and discuss your options. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Effie Politis is available to discuss patient’s goals and concerns weighing the benefits, risks and potential complications of the surgery. Also, the preparations for the procedure and the recovery process will be explained and explored as well.

What are the top 3 recovery tips for successful Brazilian butt lift (BBL) results?

  1. Avoid putting pressure on your butt?

This may appear obvious but it is often a very challenging part of the Brazilian butt lift recovery. Of course, sitting is not only an instinctive response whenever you feel tired but also something that’s natural and almost inevitable when traveling, eating a meal, working at your desk or watching a movie.

Nevertheless, after a butt lift surgery you’ll need to avoid sitting, particularly during the initial healing period, to reduce the pressure on your butt. The procedure uses your own cells by transplanting a precise amount of your purified fat into your buttocks. These newly transplanted cells require special care to settle, heal and get accepted by your body. 

Sitting down on the newly relocated cells adds pressure and restricts blood flow. In turn, a greater portion of the fat cells may die. Also, the fat cells may shift in position which adversely affects the final results and the eventual shape of the butt.

After the BBL procedure, you must avoid sitting on your butts by standing more often or resting on your side or front when you can’t stand. And when sleeping, you’ll need to avoid pressure on your back by lying on your front or side. Placing a pillow between your legs will help to keep you in position.

Still, if you have to sit, then you’ll need to minimize the pressure on your butt by:

    • Keeping your sitting time to less than 5 minutes, especially for the first 14 days.
    • Not driving or flying during the first 2-3 weeks after your procedure.
    • Using a doughnut-shaped cushion for up to 6 weeks after your operation to help relieve pressure on your butt.
    • Opting for sitting techniques that will reduce pressure on your butt, such as sitting backward on a chair or sitting on your thighs while using pillows for extra support.
    • Avoiding prolonged soaking, baths, hot tubs, pools, and the beach. Regular showers are better.
  1. Wear a compression garment

After the procedure, you will be discharged with a compression garment to diminish swelling and enhance comfort. Typically, you should wear the compression garment as instructed for 3-6 weeks and in some cases up to 8 weeks after the surgery.

During the first 2-3 weeks after BBL, you will wear the garment during the day and night and only take it off when bathing. Then from week 4-6, you will wear the garment for about 12 hours per day, either during the daytime or nighttime, depending on your routine.

The compression garment should fit comfortably. It should not be too tight to cause excess pressure to your buttocks. So speak with us if you have any concerns about your garment—how it fits or any discomfort it causes. We will inspect the treated area and make the necessary garment adjustments.

  1. Be patient and listen to your body

The final results after Brazilian butt lift takes time. And so please be patient with your body as it heals. During the first 3 weeks, there will be a significant but temporary increase in the size of your butt due to expected postoperative swelling.  

Don’t be anxious or alarmed if your butt appears slightly out of proportion or asymmetrical to the rest of your body as this is a normal part of the healing process. Plus, even after the swelling subsides, it may take up to 6 months before the final results are permanent.

To enhance your recovery, you should also:

    1. Maintain a nutrient-rich, healthy diet

A balanced diet made of healthy fats (like avocado and fish), lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and lots of fruits and vegetables will give your body the ingredients it needs for faster recovery. 

It is essential not to gain significant weight that can distort the results. Also, you should avoid any weight-loss exercises or diets during your recovery.

    1. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

Being hydrated will support your body to heal faster and will help you achieve desired results.

    1. Stay active

Generally, you should avoid strenuous exercises and rigorous activities for at least one month.

    1. Use the prescribed painkillers

Pain and soreness is part of the Brazilian butt lift recovery period. So you’ll need to manage the pain and discomfort during the first few days after the procedure using the prescribed pain medications. As the pain subsides, you can use over-the-counter medicine as directed by your physician to make your recovery as easy as possible.

    1. Get help from a friend or loved one

Seek the assistance of your friend or loved one with various tasks around the house during the first few days. This will minimize the risk of injuring yourself or causing complications.

that her post-operation instructions will help you recover fast and get back to work quickly.

For more information on the Brazilian butt lift and other plastic surgery procedures, visit the site “Politis Plastic Surgery.”

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