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The Truth Behind Celebrity IV Therapy: NAD and Longevity

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Key Takeaways:

  • NAD IV therapy has gained popularity as a potential means to increase lifespan, but it’s not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mental well-being.
  • Results from animal studies on NAD IV therapy have not yet been proven in humans, and the treatment can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Consult with trusted professionals like Dr. Effie Politis, a leading plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL, to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.


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When celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner endorse health trends like IV therapy, it’s no surprise that the public takes notice. As a leading plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL, Dr. Effie Politis is here to shed light on NAD IV therapy, a popular treatment among the Hollywood elite, and discuss whether it truly holds the key to a longer, healthier life.

celebrity iv therapyLongevity medicine is an emerging field that aims to help people not only live longer, but also improve their health span – the quality of life as they age. NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) IV therapy, which is a precursor to vitamin B3, has gained attention as a potential means of increasing lifespan. Animal studies have shown that NAD can help repair DNA, leading to increased longevity. However, it’s important to note that these results have not yet been proven in human models.

Dr. Politis emphasizes that while NAD IV therapy may show promise, it’s not a panacea. The treatment can be expensive, time-consuming, and most of the NAD is excreted through the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, focusing on IV therapy without addressing other crucial aspects of health, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mental well-being, is unlikely to yield significant benefits.

To illustrate this point, Dr. Politis shares a cautionary tale from Greek mythology about Typhonus, who asked for eternal life but not eternal youth. As a result, he continued to age and decay while living indefinitely. The lesson here is clear: the pursuit of a longer life should be balanced with efforts to maintain and improve overall health.

Instead of relying solely on expensive and unproven treatments like NAD IV therapy, Dr. Politis recommends prioritizing a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, and mental health care. Only then should individuals consider exploring additional pharmacologic options to enhance their longevity and health span.

By seeking guidance from trusted professionals like Dr. Effie Politis, a renowned plastic surgeon in Tampa, FL, you can make informed decisions about your health and well-being. Remember, achieving a longer, healthier life is a multifaceted journey that requires a holistic approach, not just a quick-fix solution.


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