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How To Plan Your Abdominoplasty Surgery In Time For An Event?

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When expectations are running high for a big event such as a wedding, a reunion, or a milestone birthday, of course you want to look your best.

Abdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures that can immediately improve your appearance and give you the more slender and aesthetic look for the big day. 

But for the procedure to deliver on your big day you’ll need to get the timing right. 

According to Dr. Effie Politis, a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon, who performs many such procedures annually, you should plan to have the procedure ideally six months before the big event. In fact, one year or more before the event is even better. 

Why should you have abdominoplasty at least six months before a big event?

  1. Ensure that the swelling, bruising and other side effects have enough time to diminish 
    Remember, everyone recuperates from abdominoplasty at their own pace. While most people can return to work and light exercise a mere 2 weeks after the procedure, others may take longer for this first stage of healing and may require up to 6 months for a full recovery.
    Although it’s less likely, you could be one of those people that require a little more time for full recovery. 
  2. Enable full recovery and activity for the event
    Because some swelling, bruising, and scarring can linger for several months, you may still not be 100% comfortable to undertake various activities.
    In fact, your plastic surgeon may recommend that you avoid activities that could stress your abdominal muscles. So while you may be like most and heal quickly you could need more time between the time of your procedure and the time of your big event to be in your best shape.
  3. Achieve the final results before the big event
    In order to look and feel your best for the big event, generally the more time you have to heal the better. 
    It usually takes 2-3 months to see approximate final results and in most cases between 3 and 6 months patients should be enjoying their permanent results depending on your overall health and the abdominoplasty technique used. 
  4. Allow enough time for the tummy tuck scar to fade
    Although the tummy tuck scar may be hidden under your clothing, your special occasion may include activities where you’re in a bathing suit or sportswear with photos and friends.
    And since surgical scars usually fade substantially over 6-12 months, consider having the surgery early enough between the procedure and the big event to see it significantly faded and cosmetically immaterial.
  5. Allow for recovery from possible recurrent swelling
    As you recover from abdominoplasty there is the possibility of having recurrent swelling months after the procedure. 
    Usually deeper swelling heals and disappears well before 6 months after abdominoplasty. But, in some patients, the swelling might recur.. 
    If the swelling recurs, you’ll require some days of light activity and perhaps a compression garment when sleeping to aid in the healing process. 
  6. Give enough time to recover from possible complications
    Lastly, while complications are rare with tummy tuck, they can occur. So if there is a complication within the first months, you may need some additional weeks to recover. 
    Of course, if a complication occurs before your big event, it can compound the stress and be a downer.
    So, even though you should expect to have no problems at all by 4-6 months after abdominoplasty, no one can perfectly predict your exact recovery and what issues may arise. So plan ahead so you give yourself the best chance to manage any potential complications before your special day.

Well-timed, successful abdominoplasty procedure

Are you planning to have abdominoplasty? If so, you’ll need to choose a certified, experienced plastic surgeon to increase your chances of having a successful procedure. Plus, you’ll need to get the timing right if you have a big event coming.

For more information on abdominoplasty and other plastic surgery procedures, visit “Politis Plastic Surgery” at https://politisplasticsurgery.com/

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