Politis Plastic Surgery offers combo treatments which include Morpheus8, Moxi and Botox procedures among others.  Below, you’ll find information on the basics of each treatment, ideal candidacy, what’s to be expected, results and more.



Skin Primp uses a combo of Morpheus8 and Moxi to deliver a tighter, even toned, more rejuvenated complexion through micro-needling and laser technology. This is the perfect form of primping that will ensure you feel confident in your natural state!


Skin Diet is a combination of corrective and preventative treatments to ensure long term skin health. It uses Moxi and BBL laser technologies to trigger a dermal repair response to correct any previous damage and shield it from future damage.


Skin Date is the ultimate tightening and color correcting treatment that consists of the perfect pair- Botox and BBL. Yes, these two work wonderfully on their own, but they’re happiest together! The Botox will get to work relaxing the facial muscles to correct wrinkling while BBL increases collagen production to double up on the tightening and smoothing process.


Skin Retreat is the perfect getaway for your skin. Just like us, our skin needs time to heal and find balance. This treatment combines Morpheus8, Moxi and BBL to stimulate, prevent, heal and correct the skin from past and future damage. It’s main focus will be to tighten itself up, find harmony in its overall tone and strengthen itself to combat aging.


Skin Spanx is a total skin tightening treatment. It combines Morpheus8, for microneedling and radio frequency technology, and Botox, for its wrinkle and muscle relaxing capabilities to bring your skin back in time. Bonus: the combination of these two treatments will help in stopping hand and armpit sweating and relax the platysmal bands of the neck.