Breast implants don’t last forever, eventually they need to be removed and replaced. When replacing implants, many patients opt to get mastopexy, or breast lift, in conjunction with placing new implants. During consultation, Dr. Effie Politis can evaluate the condition of your implants and advise if they should be removed and replaced, or removed altogether if you wish to return to a more natural look, with your natural breast size restored. When your breast implants are completely removed, this can make your breasts look saggy and deflated. But, fret not! This can be fully resolved with a custom breast lift. This procedure involves the removal of excess skin and reshaping your breast to make them plump, shapely, and round, while restoring the natural breast tissue to youthful position on your chest. If your nipples have drooped or sagged, their position and size can be altered in the same surgical procedure. If you have more questions regarding this procedure, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and schedule a consultation. You can call us at: (813) 542-2587. Looking forward to hear from you!

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