Stylized Brow Lift


WHAT it is:

Beyond Brows, or a Stylized Brow Lift, reduces the wrinkle lines on the forehead, nose, and between the eyes and raises sagging brows that are hooding the upper eyelids.

HOW it’s done:

In a Brow Lift, Dr. Politis starts by making a small incision along the temporal hairline and gently repositions the underlying muscles and tissues. All of this is done to restore a more youthful appearance to your brow.

WHAT to expect:

You may experience temporary pain, soreness, and numbness of skin and/or incision discomfort. This is normal and will subside over the coming weeks to months. Unusual sensations, pins and needles, and occasionally mild discomfort may occur as these nerves regenerate over time.

Swelling will vary both patient-to-patient as well as side-to-side. Swelling may actually increase the first three to four days before subsiding. Most of your swelling should resolve over the first two to three weeks

Bruising will vary like swelling from person to person as well as side-to-side. Most bruising and discoloration should resolve over the first two weeks. Make up, with Dr. Politis’s permission, can be applied ten days to two weeks after surgery.


Take a nap with general anesthesia


1 week

Permanent fix! You will only need this procedure once.

PRE-OP instructions:

Have all prescriptions filled prior to your surgical date (if ordered)
Do not take any aspirin, Plavix, ibuprofen (Advil,Motrin), Vitamin E, Fish oil, Coenzyme Q10 or medications containing these compounds for 14 days before your procedure.

Other medications prescribed by your personal physician should be taken as necessary.

Come with clean hair and skin. No face creams/lotions. No using body lotions or perfumes on the day of surgery.

Do not wear any jewelry, piercings or contact lenses.

Refrain from vigorous exercise on the day before your surgery.

Have a regular meal on the evening before surgery, and drink plenty of water. Avoid alcoholic beverages on the evening before surgery.

It is best to eat a small meal prior to your procedure

POST-OP instructions:

Keep your head elevated the evening after surgery as well as for the first two weeks following surgery. This can be done by either sleeping in a recliner tilted at 45 degrees or sleeping with two pillows underneath the head.

Avoid rolling onto your face.

Sleep on your back for the first two weeks after surgery.

Decreased activity may promote constipation, so you may want to add more raw fruit to your diet, and be sure to increase fluid intake.

Take Ibuprofen as prescribed postoperatively.

Do not smoke, as smoking delays healing and increases the risk of complications.

No strenuous exercise for at least 7-10 days

No heavy lifting for two weeks.

Hair coloring should be delayed for two weeks after surgery.

Avoid hard chewing foods for 48 hours
Avoid yawning or wide mouth opening for 48 hours

THE RESULTS are real

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