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What is Kybella

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This is my lovely 49-year-old female patient with submental (under chin) excess fat deposit which takes away from the youthful neck contours. ⁣
When evaluating a neck and jaw for rejuvenation, we first examine skin quality and rigor, cervicomental angle (105-120 degrees), chin projection (should be in line with the lower lip on lateral view), platysmal bands in the neck (treated with toxin), and then glands, digastric muscles, hyoid bone position, and whether subcutaneous fat is pre-platysmal or post-platysmal. ⁣

This patient was an ideal candidate for Kybella with reasonable expectations to slim her neck by treating the fat just under her neck. ⁣

Kybella is an injectable that permanently dissolves fat without surgery, incisions, or downtime. It chemically destroys the fat cells permanently. Typically require several treatment sessions but again helps patients avoid downtime associated with surgery. It is a great option for improving the cervical mental angle by destroying the under chin pre-platysmal fat. ⁣

Treatment used: Three vials of Kybella⁣
Treatment session: 20 minutes ⁣
Downtime: Minimal. Expect 5 to 7 days of swelling. ⁣

This is the perfect time to get this treatment given most of us are wearing masks. ⁣

You can also cover the area with a scarf because there is some swelling associated post procedurally. ⁣

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