Facial Treatment Guide: What Are My Options?

Here is a facial treatment guide with the options that you can avail in Politis Plastic Surgery.

A lot of the areas shown in the diagram can be treated with fillers. I use a wide range of fillers for different reasons. I have put HA filler to reflect hyaluronic acid-based fillers.

I use a variety of fillers, including the Restylane products, Juvederm Rep products, and a newer one called RHA1/2/3 made by Teosyal. I am using Radiesse more than sculptors as my biostimulator of choice.

I use Kybella to remove/treat submental fat, and also jowl fat, as well as other areas of the body with excess fat.

In addition, I’ve added neurotoxins to a lot of areas. I like to use neurotoxins in conjunction with a filler for myomodulation. This is a multi-modal approach to relax the vector of pull on the muscle which then can help optimize facial shaping with the fillers.

I also want to note that the RHA filler line is known for a layering effect. This means that the rheology or physics behind the fillers allow them to be layered on top of each other for optimal facial shaping. We also use Versa filler quite a bit for lips augmentation, chin, and nose-shaping.

Again, here are the products mentioned above:


NEUROTOXINS: (General term for Botox which is a brand)