Abdominoplasty Procedure with Dr. Effie Politis

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Here I showed the steps of an abdominoplasty procedure which includes:⁣

1. preoperative evaluation and marking⁣
2. excision of the lower abdominal skin⁣
3. undermining of her abdominal flap to her costal margins⁣
4. recruitment of superior and lateral tissue⁣
5. excision of sub-scarpal fat ⁣

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6. repositioning of the umbilicus⁣
7. liposuction of the flanks ⁣
8. and finally, sewing of the superior and inferior flaps in a layered closure. ⁣

The various steps of an abdominoplasty as shown here is a methodical process that needs to be precisely executed. ⁣

Preoperative evaluation is key, as well as obtaining ideal weight with diet and exercise. ⁣

Before and After: Abdominoplasty or ‘Tummy Tuck’

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This lovely patient is 41 years old and has lower abdominal laxity and skin changes consistent with having two children. She was interested in abdominal rejuvenation.

During her evaluation, her diastases were evaluated as well as any previous surgeries and possible hernias. Skin tone and skin laxity were also assessed. With diet and exercise, she was able to get down to her ideal weight. This allowed us to remove more skin during the abdominoplasty and perform a tighter plication. With our enhanced recovery protocols, the patient was back to work within 7 days. ⁣Typically these procedures require drain but there are some patients who are a candidate for drainless abdominoplasty. Please come see me, and find your best option!⁣ Watch out for upcoming posts this week on some behind-the-scenes for this procedure! ⁣

Tummy Tuck: All You Should Know

Do you have loose skin, stubborn fat deposits and stretch marks in your abdomen? Are you feeling embarrassed and self-conscious because of your protruding belly? Have you tried to achieve a flat tummy through diet and exercise without success?

If so, a tummy tuck is ideal for you.

Abdominoplasty, better known as a “tummy tuck,” is a surgical procedure to reshape and flatten the abdominal area. The surgeon removes excess sagging skin, gets rid of stubborn fat, tightens abdominal muscles, and corrects a protruding belly. The surgeon also removes some, if not all, stretch marks.

More detailed information about Tummy Tuck here.