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There are a variety of ways to perform a breast reduction.

⁣I love doing breast reductions because patients feel immediate relief from the upper neck and back pain as has been shown and patient-related outcome studies. ⁣

⁣This lovely patient, in her 40s, has failed nonmedical modalities to relieve her upper neck and back pain. ⁣
⁣Because of her large and wide breast, she was a candidate for an inferior pedicle breast reduction with modified vertical skin excision. ⁣

⁣In general, we minimize the scars underneath the breast. The breast is shaped and cone better through a vertical incision so we take advantage of this incision and shorten the horizontal one so there is a less boxy appearance. ⁣

The patient had immediate relief of her symptoms and is back to work after having a week off.⁣

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